About Us


Between water and soil live fantastic creatures which dye their sorroundings with incredible colors. They are our inspiration to offer a unique and exclusive product just for you.

Anfibion is born under Grup Arfeco’s umbrella, company with more than 10 years construction and home renovation sectors in order to offer a unique and exclusive product for those people who want to stand out from the crowd. Anfibion is inspired by nature and brings its beauty to your home, without compromising quality. For the same reason, in addition to the customized Anfibion shower trays, our group can offer you several solutions for bathroom construction & renovation.

Contracto Hotel – Bathroom Facilities

GRUP ARFECO SL is also a specialist equipping bathrooms in hotels and restaurants. We carry out our studies, customized designs and installation, in order to offer the best Contract bathroom facilities, according to the decoration, distribution and needs of the hotels in which we work. Our main pillar are the 3 big E’s: “Ergonomics, Economy and Efficiency“, essential characteristics for a Contract bathroom to be one of the rooms where your clients feel more comfortable during their stays at your hotel or restaurant.
The project starts with a study of the rooms where the new ones products have to be renewed or installed: walls, drains, power outlets, insulators … We analyze how they are and how they are they must be the bathrooms to be able to offer a satisfactory and totally personalized result.
We design the bathroom of the Contract hotel with the products that the client wants. In this way, and Combining it with the decoration of the hotel, we will have a stay in keeping with the aesthetics of the place.
Finally, we install and equip the bathrooms with the agreed products and design.
Our specialists will ensure that both design and functionalities are the
optimal for these stays are one of the most comfortable hotel or restaurant.
Contact us, we will advise you and inform you which is the best option to install or reform a Contract bathroom in your hotel or restaurant.

About Arfeco Group

GRUP ARFECO SL is a business group dedicated to the construction and home renovation sector. Our group offers global solutions for each client, being able to offer, through its subsidiaries, the best result for every situation.
From large construction projects in the private and public sectorss, to small reforms in private household, GROUP ARFECO SL is characterized by its interest for client’s satisfaction. Thanks to the different business profiles of our group, we can offers comprehensive and complete solutions in all phases of the your construction or remodeling project, with the aim of marking a difference in quality, productivity and professionalism when delivering a product or service.
GRUP ARFECTO SL was founded in February 2016 as a holding brand, with the aim of organizing the portfolio of companies likes FELIP COMAS I ASSOCIATS, and to project new businesses like the one of RESIN SHOWER TRAY and to create a proactive society focused on the world of the construction.